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Find radiant, unified and hydrated skin thanks to this serum composed of oily lily macerates, carrot extract, botanical active ingredients and fruit acids. It is specially designed to reduce dark spots and other pigmentary imperfections, scars and skin redness. Its richness in antioxidants makes it an essential ally for weakened skin. It is an excellent mattifying anti-aging which, in addition to reviving the radiance of your complexion, will protect you from damage linked to UV rays.

    • Brightens and unifies the complexion
    • Corrects and prevents hyperpigmentation or darker, more pronounced melasma.
    • Visibly reduces dark spots
    • Tones, smoothes, firms, refines skin texture
    • Short and long term hydration
    • Attenuates the visible signs of aging
    • Protects against UV rays

Skin type: Suitable for all skin types and particularly those with darker and more pronounced hyperpigmentation or melasma.

Skin issues: Dull complexion, age spots, lack of radiance and uneven skin tone.

Key ingredients: Bearberry, liquorice, carrot extract, lily, fruit acids, lavender essential oil 

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