All products are designed by Sorèle, in our workshop located right here in Lévis, Quebec in Canada. 

No, this practice is not recommended. Some products from other brands may contain dangerous components and the mixture may give undesirable side reactions. We only recommend that you apply sun protection in addition to our products.

Unlike most skincare products, all ingredients in our 100% products are of natural origin. They are in particular made from vegetable oils and essential oils, plant extracts, fruit extracts, proteins, etc.

No, none of our products contain hydroquinone. We are aware of the danger it represents for health. In addition, it is prohibited by Health Canada to sell this product on the market. We take this very seriously.

Our products do not contain sun protection. Although the formulation of our serums contains ingredients that provide protection against UV-induced damage, we strongly recommend using sun protection during the hot season, especially if you are doing outdoor activities.

Although our 100% products are naturally sourced and safe to use, we always recommend consulting a physician before using any product while pregnant or breastfeeding.

The elbow crease test is essential to do before using any new product. 

Apply the product in small quantities at the crease of the elbow. Bend the elbow loosely, and keep it bent for 15 to 20 minutes. Straighten your elbow, wait 15 minutes and observe the area. If reactions such as redness, stinging or itching appear, it means that you cannot stand the product. It is therefore strongly advised not to use it. If no signs appear, your skin is tolerating the product well. You can therefore use it on the area of your choice, with complete peace of mind.

It is an extract of bearberry leaves. Very popular in Japan and Asia, this plant is used to whiten the skin, reduce pregnancy masks, melasma, sunburn marks or to regulate melanogenesis. The scientific world recognizes it today as a natural alternative to hydroquinone whose antioxidant properties are known to lighten the skin by giving an even complexion, reducing the appearance of spots and hyperpigmentation.

Hyperpigmentation is a skin condition that exists in several forms. Unlike other skin problems, it is mostly generated by internal factors. In other words, its causes are found under the epidermis. To counter it, various methods are recommended in the field of dermatology. SORELE COSMETICS offers you products to integrate into your skincare routine that target the root causes of hyperpigmentation.

All Sorele Cosmetics products containing arbutin, flower acids, fruit acids or kojic acid promote the lightening of pigment spots. However, the products in the illuminator range, as well as the absolute beautiful glow cream, have been specially designed to help reduce the appearance of these spots. In addition to the acid of fruits, flowers etc… these formulas contain, among other things, the extract (vegetable extract derived from a plant which grows in the Canadian Prairies.) which reduces the action of tyrosinase. Tyrosinase is the enzyme responsible for the formation of melanin which is the brown pigment of the spots.

Other Glutathione-based formulas are also very effective against brown spots, such as La Radieuse micro exfoliating powder, which gives excellent results.

Sorele Cosmetics formulas, designed in Quebec, Canada, are unique. They are developed by Sorèle herself. Each of these formulas are verified, tested and approved by a team of specialized professionals (pharmacists and chemists) in regulated laboratories. Sorele Cosmetics uses in these formulas active ingredients that have demonstrated their effectiveness in the pharmaceutical industry. And what makes each formula unique is not only the active ingredient it contains, but also the careful choice of each of the other ingredients which contribute to improving the cosmetic qualities and the anti-stain properties of the product.

To date, no research has shown that Glutathione could be contraindicated for pregnant women. Most doctors consider it safe to use skin care products with a Glutathione concentration of 10 % or less. If you are still concerned about the effects these products could have on your child, consult your doctor.

The first signs of skin aging usually appear in your mid-twenties, when cell turnover, production of collagen and elastin (which gives skin suppleness), and skin's healing abilities begin to deteriorate.

Although the products in the Sorele Cosmetics range are specially designed to eliminate pigment spots and reduce the effects of skin aging, they are above all skin care. Thus, they are all intended to preserve the healthy appearance of your skin and prevent the appearance of spots. Do not hesitate to use it even if your skin does not yet show visible signs of aging. It's never too early to limit the harmful effects of the sun by protecting your skin with UVA and UVB filters every time you go outside.

Except for the Collagen powder product of marine origin, all other Sorele Cosmetics products are Vegan, which means that they do not contain any ingredients of animal origin, in addition to never being tested on animals. All ingredients are plant-based.

It is recommended to start with products with the lowest concentration of anti-dark spot active ingredients, namely our range for mature skin (Belle Mine Serum or Belle Mine Absolue face cream).  

You can then use the products at higher concentrations and benefit more from all the benefits of our anti-pigmentation active ingredients.

Yes ! Sorele Cosmetics has made it its mission to correct all skin imperfections, among others, acne. For this, the Corrector range, which contains willow bark (natural salicylic acid), is your best ally for improving the appearance of acne-prone skin (reducing or even eliminating the appearance of pimples). Thanks to its antiseptic properties, salicylic acid prevents the growth of bacteria on the surface of the skin. It therefore stops the proliferation of Cutibacterium acnes at the origin of the inflammatory reactions of acne.

It is a natural active ingredient titrated in pyruvic acid (ketoacid) and organic acids, extracted from hibiscus flowers, offering a high tolerance regenerating peeling effect.

It is a derivative of a plant from the Canadian Prairies. It helps prevent and reduce pigment spots.

It is a plant extract known for its depigmentation properties by inhibiting melanin.

Salicylic acid is a BHA (beta-hydroxy acid), which comes from willow bark, a tree in the salicaceae family.

They are present in certain plants: apple (malic acid), citric (citrus), glycolic (sugar cane). They are used as keratolitics to expel my dead cells at variable concentrations depending on the desired effect.


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