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Sorele Cosmetics Marine Collagen Powder contains 15 essential and non-essential amino acids to support your overall health and mixes easily into your favorite foods and beverages. Powerful natural ingredient, efficacy has been clinically proven for various skin, hair and nail care.

Just one serving a day helps protect against collagen loss to improve skin hydration, joint health and more.

All of our bodies are made up of collagen. It is the most abundant protein in the body. But, from the twenties, the body naturally produces less. Usually, there is a loss of collagen on the skin, where fine lines and wrinkles form. But, ultimately, the loss of collagen also harms the integrity of our bones, joints, and muscles.

But there's good news, consuming high-quality collagen can help reverse collagen loss, improve skin appearance, joint health, and more.

We've created pure, marine-source collagen to make it easy for you to consume the collagen you need every day to look and feel great.

pure collagen is...

  • easy to absorb: Ten grams of pure hydrolyzed collagen per serving.
  • obtained from sustainable and conscious methods: From marine source from wild fish caught in the North Atlantic whose skins we use, by-products of other industries that would otherwise not be used.
  • easy to use: Simply mix pure collagen into water, coffee, tea, smoothie, energy balls, oatmeal or soup… the list goes on!
  • free of gluten, dairy and GMOs.

Keeping beautiful, healthy skin and rejuvenating it is possible thanks to this super ingredient.


  • A nutraceutical active ingredient for health
  • Restores skin and body collagen (helps in the production of new collagen fibers)
  •  Rejuvenates the skin, hydrates it and prevents its dehydration and slackening
  •  Reduces the appearance of aging( restores elasticity to the skin, so me of visible fine lines and wrinkles)
  •  Restores health to hair and eyelashes (volume effect, smoother, longer hair)
  •  Reduces the visible degenerative effects of aging on the body
  •  Strengthens nail health and helps nail growth
  •  Helps maintain strong bones, tendons, cartilage.

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